A Point Of Sale Retail Shop solution that provides not only intuitive user experiences but also reliable, robust, feature-rich and scalability. Apart from the basic POS functions, our Retail Shop solution provides detailed analytic sales and revenue reports, hold sales order, deposit for orders, order returns and refunds, order histories, open key for unregistered customer, customer profile records and many more. Using our Retail Shop solution, business owners are sure to run their businesses successfully as they can identify sales trend, popular sales items, which allows them to plan their inventory ahead to reduce cost, therefore improving productivity and profitability. Our POS system comprises of an Administrative Manager Interface for viewing of report and setting up of items, which can be accessed using a web browser on a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, iPhone and many other devices that has a web browser!

Key Features of our Retail Shop Management System

Quick to order items - Items can be ordered easily and quickly by either keying in their barcode number or use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode of the item.
Changing quantity or deleting items - If cashier has mistakenly inserted an item into the order, the item can be removed or its quantity changed easily with our intuitive user interface.
Item images are included - In order for cashier and customers to recognise the item easily, our system can include image of the items that has been scanned into the order.
Registering customer profile and detail - For retail shops that need to take note of regular customers' detail, our system is robust in features such that we even offer cashier the option to key in customer detail information which can be saved and retrieved easily for subsequent orders.
Order Deposit feature - For some business owners' business model, they require a feature to be able to register deposit of money for the items that the customers have placed order for and are awaiting shipment. Our system can handle and manage Order Deposit conveniently.
Search for customers who have pending payment - Our system provides a user friendly interface for cashier to search for customers who may have pending payments for the goods that they have ordered.
Item returns and refunds - Returns and refunds are unavoidable for any types of businesses. At ImperialTech Asia, our engineers recognise this and has built these features into our Retail Shop Management System right from the beginning. We provide an interface and procedure for handling the process of returning items and issueing refunds for items that customers want to exchange.
Inventory system included - We have included inventory system for our Retail Shop Management System which allows business owners to manage their stock and inventory easily. There is a Stock Ledger report and also an interface for checking items that are low in stock as well.
Purchase order and Adjustment - Business owners can use our system to create new purchase order for items to be registered into the inventory. Our system will automatically register new stock after business owners confirm the receipt of these purchase orders. Business owners can also create Adjustment Order to compensate for any discrepancies in their stock count using the Adjustment feature.
Payment and Settle order - Accept payment in Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Voucher by keying in the amount separately. Our system also support RIEL and USD.