ImperialPOS Restaurant Management System enables business owners to operate their restaurants smoothly, in which all the hard work of managing sales data and income is handled by the POS system itself. Hence, business owners no longer have to worry about calculating the income and revenue. Furthermore, ImperialPOS Restaurant Management System allows business owners to identify and monitor their restaurants' sales performance as well as allowing them to determine which types of food items sold well and which does not.
A Point Of Sales restaurant solution that provides not only intuitive user experiences but also reliable, robust, feature-rich and scalable. Apart from the basic POS functions, ImperialTech POS Restaurant provides detailed analytic sales and revenue reports, ability to sell food as set menu, set up menu-of-the-day and advanced promotion campaign for free items, addons, one-off or percentage discount, happy hour promotion and many more. Using ImperialTech POS system, business owners are sure to run their businesses successfully as they can identify sales trend, popular sales items, which allows them to plan their inventory ahead to reduce cost, therefore improving productivity and profitability. Our POS system comprises of an Administrative Manager Interface for viewing of report and setting up of items, which can be accessed using a web browser on a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, iPhone and many other devices that has a web browser! You can be sure that you can check the performance of your restaurant even during your holidays abroad!

Front-end POS Cashier Terminal Software

Key features for Cashier Terminal

User login with role-based permission access - There are 3 levels of permission, namely Cashier, Supervisor and Manager. In order to void orders or order items, only Supervisor or Manager can do it.
Multiple orders per table - Business owner can set up many tables for their restaurants and segment them into different areas. Friends sitting at the same table can request opening different orders within the same table so that they can pay separately.
Print to closest thermal receipt or label sticker printer - A restaurant may have a few distinct areas such as a mini bar on level 1 and main dining area on ground floor. Whatever your restaurant setting is, our POS system allows cashier to choose which printer to print order ticket or receipt to.
Easy organising of items - Our system allows business owner to organise items into Catalog, Sub-catalog, Set Catalog and Menu-Of-The-Day for day to day menu.
Support chargable Addons and non-chargable Modifiers - Define Addons such as Extra Egg, Vegetable, etc and Modifiers such as Less salt, 50% Sugar, etc.
Modifying orders - Cashier can void orders, merge orders between different tables, split orders, void order items and many more!
Discount and Promotions - Apply discounts such as in Percentage or One-off amount to each order or just on a particular order item. Our system support advance promotion campaign such as automatically applying discount during Happy Hours (a promotion period), e.g. apply discount from 5-8PM for beers and snacks on Tue, Thurs and Sat. You can even define which date the campaign will end. Apart from discount, you can also have a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" or "Buy some item and get Fre Addon" kind of promotion.
Payment and Settle order - Accept payment in Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Voucher by keying in the amount separately. Our system also support RIEL and USD.

Back-end Administrative Manager Interface

Key features for Manager Interface

Different Types of Report

Sales Overview - A quick and general overview of the restaurant sales total, promotional discounts amount, tax and number of guests.
Sales Revenues - A breakdown of sales revenue summary that can be selected to display by day, month or year.
Hourly Sales - Total amount of sales, tax, discounts and number of guest are broken down by the hour for a particular day or time period.
Payments - A summary of the payments collected for different payment methods such as Cash, Credit Card, Voucher and Cheque.
Item Sales Summary - Gives you detailed analysis of the sales performance at product, sub-catalog and catalog level. You can be sure how your restaurant is doing and plan your inventory accordingly.
Set Catalog Sales - Display performance for Set Catalog of food items. E.g. how many units of Set Lunch has been sold for a particular day or time period and how much sales are recorded.
Addon and Modifier Summary - Allows you to see which Addons or Modifiers are popular.
Promotion Summary & Breakdown - Understand how much is lost in sales revenue due to a promotion campaign you have set up and determine whether your promotion campaign is successful. An example of a promotion campaign could be "Happy Hour from 5PM to 8PM for beers", "20% discount during lunch period for some days" or "Buy 2 particular drinks and get the third 1 free or free Addon" and the list goes on. Our system is so powerful that you can set up many types of promotion campaign. The power is in your hand.
Void Orders and Items - Summary of all void orders and items with void reasons so that manager/business owner knows why some orders are being voided. This allows manager to do some basic auditing work.
Order History - Even after sales are concluded, manager/business owner can still look up orders by receipt number or display all orders for a time period.

Setting up of Restaurant & Operation

Add new or edit existing catalog, sub-catalog, food item, addon, modifier, menu-of-the-day, tax rate and manage users.