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Most Advanced Restaurant Management System

Ease Of Use - Order food quickly which can be classified under categories and sub-categories.

Complete Promotion Features - Create "Happy Hour" period discount for beers, "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" & many more types.

Real-time Live Reporting - No longer would you need to wait to check how much profits you have made for the day so far. Business owner can read Sales Revenue, Hourly Sales and Item Sold report in real-time as sales are going on.

Android Mobile App - Assign dedicated Android tablets for each waitor/waitress so that they can take food orders from every corner of your restaurant

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Complete Retail Shop Management System

Comes With Stock Control - For the price of Retail Shop POS, you will also get inventory system included.

Manage Returns & Refunds - Built-in with features for handling item returns and refunds easily and conveniently.

Real-time Live Reporting - Just like our Restaurant Management System, it comes with real-time live reporting plus many other reports such as Stock Ledger, Low Stock Count, Sales Summary and Revenue reports and many more!

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Cloud-based Inventory Management

Transactions - With our system, it is easy to move stocks in and out of warehouse as well as between warehouses.

User Permission Access - Setup different group permissions for different types of user. You can also setup fine-grain permission for specific user.

Advanced Reporting - With useful search and filter capabilities, you can understand what is going on for your inventory quickly. Plus, you get to see all the transaction activities of stock in and out clearly.

Software Development

Human Centred Design - Following the principles of how Apple design their products, here at ImperialTech, our developers focus on designing user friendly interfaces so that new users are able to pick up how to use the system quickly.

Quality and precision - Here at ImperialTech, we treasure quality and precise implementation of applications according to the specifications that are agreed with our clients and we also offer suggestions on how to make things better.

Communications - We stay in touch with our clients during the course of software development and provide updates to our clients as needed.

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About Us

ImperialTech Asia is an innovative software development company specialising in the development of restaurant and retail shop Points of Sales system, inventory system and iOS/Android Mobile App. With software architecture and design ideas from the United Kingdom, our firm is able to embrace Human-Centred Design that is accustomed to all user experiences such that it is easy to use by the end users.